Government Announcement

A welcome step in the right direction for those awaiting Home Care assistance


The Federal Government has this week announced that it will spend an additional $537m on aged care in Australia after the interim report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety identified key areas for improvement. Of this funding, $496.3m (92%) will be used to generate 10,000 much-needed new Home Care packages.


Having provided quality home care and support for over 30 years, we along with most in our industry have been encouraged by this pledge. We know first-hand just how much need there is for these funds, so it’s heartening to see that the Royal Commission has identified these areas for improvement and more so, that the government seems genuinely committed to increasing funding for Australians wanting to stay living at home as they age.


While this will indeed be welcome news; for some it will mark the beginning of an often confusing and emotional journey – that of comparing providers and choosing the one that best meets their needs.


We have a unique approach to assist you as you navigate your care options – one that is tailored to you from the very start. If you are looking for guidance on your home care journey, or even just some helpful advice to make sure everything’s clear, you can contact our friendly Client Care Team today on 1300 241 300.


We’ll be there to help you every step of the way, because we believe you’re always happiest at home; and it’s our mission is to help you stay there.