Services – Private Care

Private Care

Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care (SMNCC) private care offers you the full range of services under a private funding arrangement.

Sue Mann’s unique way of care gives you the very best of care in your own home, where you feel comfortable and at ease. With Sue Mann we listen to your unique story and care needs, and then together work out the services you would like, and when you would like them – this forms your specialised care plan.

Private care services

Our private care services include:

How can I access private care?

Anyone may request SMNCC private care services, all of which are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Even if you have access to one of the government-funded programs, you may wish to obtain additional services or more frequent assistance as a supplement.


Based on your tailored care plan, which reflects your personal needs and care preferences, you will be provided with a quotation. You will be given all of the information about the services and associated costs beforehand.