Services – Transitional Aged Care Program (TRANSPAC)

Sue Mann‘s innovative Transitional Aged Care (TRANSPAC) program is supported by Sue Mann’s unique way of care, one in which we listen first and then respond to your personal story and care needs.

Through our partnership with the Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD), the Transitional Aged Care program is carried out to assist older Australians make the transition from hospital to home in a supported environment. At Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care we focus on restorative care and help you regain a level of independence that’s reflects your lifestyle and circumstances.

What is a Transitional Aged Care Package?

This program, with a maximum of 12 weeks of in-home care services, allows time to recover as much as possible, make improvements to your mobility and strength, and access long-term care arrangements.

TRANSPAC packages are jointly funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and the Australian Government and delivered by the Central Coast Local Health District in partnership with Sue Mann.

Who is eligible and how can I access the Transitional Aged Care program?

A patient, currently in a public or private hospital, who is returning to live in their home on the Central Coast may be eligible. The patient will also be eligible for aged residential care but has the capacity and motivation to benefit from support, care and therapy at home.

Following an assessment and approval for eligibility, Sue Mann’s team will assess your suitability for a TRANSPAC. If you are offered a TRANSPAC by Sue Mann Nursing and Community Care, you will be provided with a range of services based on your assessed care needs and identified goals.

What Transitional Aged Care Package services do we provide?

TRANSPACs are goal orientated, time limited services that are flexible and designed to help with individual care needs. The types of services that may be provided as part of a package include:

  • Case Management and coordination
  • Personal Care
  • Clinical Care
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Meal assistance
  • Shopping, bill paying
  • Transport to local medical appointments
  • Allied Health provided by Central Coast Local Health District
  • Assistance to access longer-term care arrangements
  • Making referrals to other HACC and care services as needed


Your TRANSPAC package is subsided by the Australian Government. You will be required to contribute towards the cost of your care based on your capacity to pay. Your financial capability will be assessed by Sue Mann’s team in accordance with our TRANSPAC Fees Policy and may be requested to contribute:

  • a basic fee of up to 17.5% of the single basic Age Pension